Do the Words in Your Marketing Sound Like You?

. . . . Or are they just another “corporate-speak” version of “we do this . . . . , so please buy these”?

If your words don’t reflect your company’s personality, values, and difference, you’re missing out.

Sure – you might make a sale. But writing on the web isn’t like writing an ad. It’s more like starting a conversation.

Which means the words you use are important. More important than the sleek design of your website, more important than the colors you choose, even more important than your carefully-crafted logo!

The words you use should work hard.

  • They need to sound different from your competition.
  • They must appeal to your “perfect customer.”
  • They have to start a conversation — that turns into a relationship.

Yes – you want the relationship to end with a sale. However, anyone can sell something to a prospective buyer. It’s much harder to retain that buyer and make them a fan.

Fans make repeat purchases.

Fans are an asset to your business. They increase your revenue, save you time, and reduce your stress.

If you want marketing that:

  • Intrigues prospects – so your marketing gets attention.
  • Enchants buyers – so they make a purchase
  • Elevates trust  – so you develop a fan

You’re in the right place.

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