You want your marketing to be successful. . .  Of course you do.

And you know the biggest obstacle in campaigns is the writing.

Especially these days when there’s so much to be written – articles, blog posts, white papers, case studies – oh my!

And it’s often the writing that holds things up.

Your plate is full. 

With writing. Finding graphics. Planning strategy.

And other stuff like meetings, email, expense reports, etc.

You need someone to lighten the load.

Let me take the writing off your plate

You’ll still have plenty to do. The work just won’t be overflowing.  It’s now on two plates, instead of just one

Letting go of your marketing can be scary. You want a fellow professional. Someone with:

Writing Experience. Finding juicy tidbits about my clients’ work over the past decade is what keeps me writing.

Sprinkling these morsels through my content fires up the imagination of your audience.  It helps them go from prospect to buyer.

Marketing Acumen. Understanding strategy, contributing new ideas, executing tactics, and being a team player are all critical to successful campaigns.

They’re essential to my business too.

Research Sense. Quickly learning your prospect’s language and grasping the emotional reasons they buy is fascinating to me.

I love meshing statistics with real-world examples. I get an “Alice in Wonderland” thrill when researching.   

Are you looking for a writer to whip up your next piece of content?


If you need . . .

  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Writing
  • Branded Articles
  • or other B2B materials

            . . . I’ve got the content that converts.

You don't need to take my word for it: