Expert Content Strategy

for the Health & Wellness Industry

Is Your Content Increasing Your Income -

or just increasing your followers?

If you’re like most health & wellness companies, you post a lot of content.  After all, that’s how people find you.  Those likes, shares, and comments sure feel good. But they’re not dollars in the bank.

If your content is bringing in followers, but not dollars, you need a UX Content Strategy.

A UX Content Strategy is not a content calendar, or a vanilla-plain template anyone can use.  It is a detailed, unique marketing plan created specifically for your company and your audience.

A UX Content Strategy is a documented blueprint that includes:

Embrace UX Strategy . . . Or Lose Money

UX Strategy looks at your brand and products through the eyes of your customers.

It cohesively meshes the goals of your company with those of your audience, which creates a good user experience that attracts new customers and keeps existing ones – which increases your bottom line.

UX Content Strategy:

  • Optimizes Engagement –  as you anticipate your users’ needs and guide them in accomplishing their goals.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction  – by empathizing with your audience helping them solve their problems.
  • Builds Customer Loyalty – through  genuine caring and encouraging buyers to  “self-select” that your product is right for them.
  • Increases Customer Retention – with transparent business practices that show you care more about their needs than your own.

UX - Good for You & Good for Customers

As a recent Forbes article said, “Customer acquisition is a bit like dating, and customer retention is like marriage.”

To be a successful business, you need to woo new customers and court existing ones. 

Creating great customer experiences is the core of UX Strategy. 

To learn a bit more about UX Strategy, see my post, What is UX Strategy


Popular services, bundled for convenience.

Community Analysis

Grow Your Audience with a UX Shopping Experience
$ 900 Starting Price
  • UX Website Analysis
  • Shopping Experience Evaluation
  • Cart Abandoment Audit
  • FAQ Pages Recommendations

Sherlock Strategy

Uncover Customer-Retention Opportunities
$ 2,900 starting Price
  • SWOT & Blind Spot Evaluation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 2-3 Customer Interviews
  • Customer Retention Plan

The Office Strategy

Unfold Your Comprehensive Strategic Blueprint
$ 6,000 starting Price
  • Your Company Story/Mission Analysis
  • Psychographic Audience Detailing
  • Content Journey Audit
  • Personalized Marketing Blueprint

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