Give Your Customers their Best Experience with UX Copywriting

User experience begins the moment a customer becomes aware of you – whether from a friend’s recommendation, a Google search, or a post on social media.

That means user experience includes more than buttons, directions, and good design. It also includes emails, social media posts, and even sales pages!

User Experience Copywriting is looking at marketing from your customer’s perspective.

That’s a big shift in mindset.

UX Copywriting attracts new customers and retains existing ones.

UX Copywriting:

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction  – by empathizing with your audience and being gracious in your language.
  • Optimizes Engagement –  as you anticipate your users’ needs and guide them in accomplishing their goals.
  • Builds Customer Loyalty – through  genuine caring and helping buyers “self-select” that your product is right for them.
  • Increases Customer Retention – with transparent business practices that show you care more about their needs than your own.
  • Boosts Google Page  Rank  – Google’s algorithm prioritizes websites with good user experience.

UX - Good for You & Good for Customers

As a recent Forbes article said, “Customer acquisition is a bit like dating, and customer retention is like marriage.”

To be a successful business, you need to woo new customers and court existing ones so both have great experiences.

Creating great customer experiences is the core of UX Copywriting. 

To learn a bit more about UX Copywriting, see my post What is UX Copywriting?

UX Copywriting Packages:

a graphic of the word "Cheers" over two foaming beer steins

The Cheers Pkg

Stay in Touch with Relevant Newsletters
$ 400 starting Price
  • 5-8 Customized Newsletter Templates
  • Newsletter SIgn Up Sequence
  • First Newsletter written
  • 3-5 Social Shares
graphic of two young women and three young men depicting "Friends"

The Friends Pkg

Create a Friendly Shopping Experience
$ 900 Starting Price
  • Shopping Cart Analysis
  • Order Confirmation Pages + Shipping/Delivery Emails
  • Cart Abandoment Sequence
  • 5-8 Basic FAQ Pages
Graphic of figures around a table depicting "The Office"

The Office Pkg

Provide Answers Quickly
$ 2,200 starting Price
  • Everything in The Friends Pkg Plus
  • Site Structure Analysis
  • 6-8 Add'l FAQ Pages
  • 2 Customer Feedback Emails
depiction of sherlock holmes

The Sherlock Pkg

Embrace & Reward
$ 3,200 starting Price
  • Blind Spot Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Survey Creation or 2-3 Customer Interviews
  • Customized Blueprint

Need a white paper or case study? I do those as well.

For the past decade I’ve been a B2B long-form content creator. My motto was no-boring white papers! So now I bring that customer-centric writing perspective to more than just long-form content.

I can’t do everything — nor do I work for everyone — but I do create interesting white papers, intriguing case studies, and love giving customers a good experience.  

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