Is Your Content Increasing Your Income?

or just increasing your followers?

If you’re like most health & wellness companies, you post a lot of content.   That’s how people find you.   Those likes, shares, and comments sure feel good.

                     But they’re NOT dollars in the bank

Posting a ton of content feels important … and productive. But if it doesn’t bring in customers, it’s busy work.

That can be frustrating.

Especially because your content is thoughtfully created. So why aren’t more people buying?   

When a customer clicks a link, they have an expectation of what’s going to happen next.   

When that doesn’t happen, they don’t buy.  They leave your site and you lose the sale.

Anticipate What Your Customers Want . . . With UX Copywriting

UX copywriting looks at your brand and products through the eyes of your customers.

It matches the expectations of your buyer with the goals of your company. This  attracts new customers and keeps existing ones. 

UX - Good for You & Good for Customers

“Customer acquisition is a bit like dating… and customer retention is like marriage,” Forbes.  To be a successful business, you need to woo new customers and court existing ones. 

Creating great customer experiences is the core of UX Copywriting. 


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The Friends Pkg

Buddy-up with newsletters
$ 450 Starting Price
  • 8 Newsletter Templates
  • Newsletter Sign-up Sequence
  • First Newsletter Written
  • 6 Social Shares

The Office Pkg

Simplify shopping
$ 900 starting Price
  • Detailed Shopping Experience Evaluation
  • Emails for Order Confirmation/ Shipping
  • Cart Abandonment Audit
  • FAQ Pages Rewritten

The Community Pkg

Grow Your Audience
$ 3,500 starting Price
  • Everything in The Office Pkg
  • PLUS:
  • 3 Customer Insights
  • Competitor Analysis

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