Embrace UX Copywriting . . . Or Lose Money

User experience (UX) begins the moment a customer becomes aware of you – whether from a friend’s recommendation, a Google search, or a post on social media.

That means user experience includes more than buttons, directions, and good design. It also includes emails, social media posts, and even sales pages!

UX Copywriting takes all this into account. It looks at your marketing from your customer’s perspective.

That’s a big shift in marketing mindset.

Hi! I’m Julie.

As a UX Copywriting, I’m on a quest to get rid of B2B & B2C Advertising and make it P2P Marketing (Person to Person).

Whether you sell health supplements or software systems, your customer wants to be treated kindly, with respect, and have a good buying experience. 

UX Eureka!

Not long ago, I took a class in UX Copywriting and it was a  “Eureka Moment” for me!

You see during the past ten years, I’ve worked with health & wellness companies in developing marketing strategies and creating their content.

I enjoy research, so I specialized in crafting white papers for contract manufacturers. I wanted every white paper I wrote to be a good experience for the reader.

No boring white papers was my motto.

I created pdfs, slide shares, and other white papers that were fun to read and helped prospects determine if the product was right for them.

I was striving for a good User Experience – but I didn’t know the term until recently. So now that’s my aim in all the strategies and marketing I create. 

I'm the UX Copywriter for you if you're a:

What makes me different from other Copywriters?

An outside perspective. 

it’s hard to see accurately when you’re too close.  You have a lot to keep track of. And it’s easy to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details.

I’m able to bring a fresh set of eyes, and see things like your audience does. My goal is to make your site customer-centric, so your shoppers have the best experience possible.

From improving your shopping cart, interacting with your mobile site, or getting questions answered, I look at things through your customers’ eyes.

Ability to speak your customer’s language – whatever it is.

You might think you need someone with experience in your specific industry.  Not so!  What you truly need is a consultant who quickly grasps why your solution is the best. 

Who simplifies complexity.

Like I did researching and writing for a client who wanted to break into a new market. They had a probiotic which had “heat resist, dormant spores.”  I called it ”a probiotic with a hard shell.”

That phrase made it plain that this company’s probiotic was not delicate. And  using it for formulations was easier than with other probiotics. 

A love of stories.

Stories about your company culture. Stories about your wonderful product.  And stories about your customers.

I ask questions to discover the real value customers see in your solution.

Your customers want more than just a place to buy things. They also want companies to care about them. And stories demonstrate how you care.

Stories are also easier to remember than facts and make us feel good.

Enthusiastic Thinker.

I take responsibility for all aspects of my work. I enjoy collaborating with others to get through challenges. 

I love to learn – especially what makes us tick as humans.

My curiosity impels me to explore different scenarios. This helps me more clearly see the nuances of your products and how they help your audience.

It’s really not about me, however —

–It’s about you and your customers’ needs.

FAQ's - Some Questions You May Have:

You can expect the same thing I expect: Professionalism.

This means I have a passion for strategy and writing. I am attentive to details and meet deadlines. I care about my clients, their projects, and their goals. I also stand behind my work 100%. I want you to be happy and satisfied.

UX Copywriting is looking at marketing from your customer’s perspective. It helps them self-select if your products/services are for them. 

It also includes UX writing to clarify steps needed to make a purchase.

Yes! I love AI. To see my AI policy, click here

Short answer – maybe.

Long answer – I’ve spent ten years creating marketing materials including white papers, web pages, magazine articles, and other things.

If you need something that’s not listed, contact me. If I don’t do what you need, I probably know someone who does. And I’ll give you a referral!

Usually both are appropriate for the work I do. Contact me we’ll spend a few minutes learning about the particulars of your project and your timeline. Together, we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Then I’ll email you a proposal.  If we agree on the details, I’ll send you a contract.

A deposit is also required (usually 50% in advance of starting the project).

Although I’m not a designer, I frequently partner with graphic artists to complete projects.

Contact me and usually I can take a project from initial idea to completion.