UX Copywriting Spec

CLIENT: AWAI CREATIVE GOALS:  Demonstrating knowledge and skill at writing various elements to  obtain certification as a UX Copywriter. The product was the Digital Copywriter’s Handbook. The project included a multiple-choice test as well as six UX copywriting elements: Product Page Order Page Order Confirmation Page Order Confirmation Email Welcome email series with 3 emails […]

Cultivate Your Success

CLIENT: Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics. CREATIVE GOALS: Help customers understand how formulating with probiotics creates unique needs. The paper discusses challenges and best practices of formulating with probiotics. It also includes a checklist of requirements for handling probiotics so they stay viable as long as possible. Click here to read the white paper 

A Sweet Delivery System

wooden scoop holding cocoa next to squares of dark chocolate

CLIENT: Deerland Enzymes GOAL: To show how dark chocolate & DE111 work well together. Dark chocolate is a prebiotic, which is beneficial for probiotic absorption.  Click here to read the white paper

Curing Cancer & Growing Sugarcane

graphic of stylized green sugarcane superimposed over cancer cells

CLIENT: Corporate Alliance GOAL: To be published in a local health magazine to raise awareness of a new cancer center with individualized, cutting-edge treatments. Click here to read the article

Overcome Relationship Arrogance

A business woman and a business man facing each other holding the ends of their noses, which have been photoshopped to be extremely long depicting arrogance

CLIENT: Corporate Alliance GOAL: Case Study to show how applying Corporate Alliance principles brought in $500,000 worth of business for one local company. Click here to read the case study

Get the Survivor Mindset

CLIENT: Lee Bellinger’s Independent Living Newsletter GOAL: This well researched, 12-page pdf was used as a Lead Gen download. It performed so well, it was included as a hard-copy document with purchases of prepper survival kits.. Click here to see the first 3 pages

Heaven-Sent Truck Tracking

Red tanker truck carrying oil

CLIENT: Omni Solutions CREATIVE GOALS: Show how their software solves problems and turns a tracking nightmare into heaven. Click here to read the Case Study

Editing A Magazine

Photo of many small fish swimming

CLIENT: Corporate Alliance GOAL: Create a magazine for members and the community. My involvement included writing, editing, and creating business profiles. Click here to see the first issue  

Get Straight A’s in Life

Three high school students, 1 boy and 2 girls, in hoodies smiling and talking to each other

CLIENT: School of Life Foundation GOAL: Get people involved in this nonprofit. Click here to read the full white paper

Tap into Consumer Desires

Kombucha represented with this photo of 6 pop-top bottles holding different colored liquids

CLIENT: Deerland Probiotics GOAL: Show how adding DE111 will benefit the kombucha industry. Click here to read the full white paper .

Life without the Internet

Graphic of Cord with plug facing an outlet depicted as the face of a human to "plug in" to the internet

CLIENT: Corp M&A GOAL: Generate interest in purchasing this company Click here to read the full visual white paper. 

Rolling Blackout

Graphic of a stylized power generator

CLIENT: Lee Bellinger’s Independent Living Newsletter GOAL: Freebie for purchase Click here to read the full repor

On Demand Nursing

On-Demand nursing depicted by a graphic of a hand selecting a nurse on a tablet

CLIENT: CorpM&A GOAL: Generate Interest in purchasing this unique healthcare solution. Click here to read the visual whitepaper

Type 1 Diabetes in Adults

Stylized graphic of an old, white-haired woman holding an overlarge glucose meter.

CLIENT: Medical Facility GOAL: Educate patients about Type 1 diabetes in adults.  Click here to read the full text

Heat Up Your Business

Photo, shot from above, of 6 different types of tea. In each cup is a different accent including daisies, mint leaf, roses, and lemon slice

CLIENT: Deerland Probiotics GOAL: Increase business in the hot drink sector Click here to read the white paper

Take Action – a teen workbook

Graphic of 4 students with backpacks and one with a school book

CLIENT: Chef Ron Nia GOAL:  A workbook to help at-risk students do better in life. Click here to see part of the workbook