Why Using an Outside Writer Gives You Better Results

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A few weeks ago a graphic designer and I were at lunch mulling over a postcard we’d created for a local accounting firm.

They’d already approved the ad, but we felt it wasn’t quite right.

As we looked over each of the elements (colors, photo, general placement of text, etc.) were good. It was the first few sentences that troubled us.

As we sat trying different word combinations, a business associate came by. He commented on the “nice ad.”

I explained that it didn’t quite work, but we were stumped as to why.

He studied the ad for about half a minute. Then he placed his hand over some text and said, “This part is redundant. I’d leave it out.”

Eureka! That was it.

That was what was making us uneasy. We’d been too close to the project to see what could make it better.

We needed a fresh set of eyes to overcome our blindness.


Using a freelance case study writer gives you a fresh set of eyes

When someone within your organization creates a case study, they know your product/service inside and out. They also have insider information about your customers.

This familiarity creates 2 obstacles:

  1. Being in The Box, and
  2. A Staid Attitude.


Being in the Box is seeing the company from corporate eyes.

When you create questions to ask a customer, you create them from your company’s standpoint.

A customer has a completely different viewpoint. It’s hard to see this when you’re inside the box.


A “staid attitude,” is having many things to do.

In other words, the case study becomes just one more task to check off.  

Having a long list of things that need to get done leads to less-than-exciting writing. It’s hard to be creative in a busy office.

These two obstacles don’t mean case studies created by in-house marketing departments are sub-standard. It just means it’s harder to make them sparkle.


A freelance case study writer has a different perspective. 

They’re not engaged in your day-to-day work. They write for many companies. Instead of seeing a case study as just one more to-do item, a freelancer sees it as learning something new – which makes it exciting.

Most freelancers enjoy learning about people. They want a better understanding of why someone chose your product.

A freelancer doesn’t have the company ownership that an insider does. This gives them a fresh perspective. This unencumbered perspective lets an outsider ask questions you might not consider.


Uncovering Authentic Data

A fresh perspective also lets the customer speak more freely. This means you get the real reason the customer purchased your product/service – not the reason you think they did.

If you’d like a fresh set of eyes for your next case study – contact me.

I get a kick out of writing case studies. They’re not just another item on my to-do list because I always have such fun talking to your customers.