Some of my work:

  • Below are a few samples of my work with the project, client, and creative goals.
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CLIENT:   Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics.

CREATIVE GOALS: Help customers understand how formulating with probiotics creates unique needs.

The paper discusses challenges and best practices of formulating with probiotics. It also includes a checklist of requirements for handling probiotics so they stay viable as long as possible.

(graphics by client)

White Paper as a Slideshare

CLIENT: Global Digital Languages.

CREATIVE GOALS: To illustrate the unique benefits of Linguist’s Software and highlight the advantage of the business opportunity. 

(graphics by Jennifer Guter, Reflections Printing)

CLIENT: Southern Utah Influencer’s Magazine

CREATIVE GOALS: To help a non-scientific audience understand how the new cancer treatment center in Southern Utah will help them. 

This article explains genomics – which is fairly complicated – in simple terms. 


CLIENT: Independent Living Newsletter by Lee Bellinger

CREATIVE GOAL: As a giveaway for purchasing a generator. 

This was a 12-page, heavily researched report to help people develop mental survival skills.

(Note only 3 pages of the report are included as a sample.)

CLIENT: SmartBlogger

CREATIVE GOAL: To create a blog post that is capable of ranking on page one of Google and that readers will enjoy.

Ranking is a complex process including keywords, research, and length

CLIENT: Corporate Alliance

CREATIVE GOAL: To show how attending Corporate Alliance helped ServPro of Southern Utah overcome relationship arrogance.

CLIENT: School of Life Foundation

CREATIVE GOAL: To show how the School of Life is impacting our under-served youth. 

(graphics by Jennifer Guter, Reflections Printing.)

CLIENT: Corporate Alliance

CREATIVE GOAL: To cncourage people to join Corporate Alliance

(Note only 3 e-mails are included as a sample.)

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