Cultivate Your Success

CLIENT: Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics. CREATIVE GOALS: Help customers understand how formulating with probiotics creates unique needs. The paper discusses challenges and best practices of formulating with probiotics. It also includes a checklist of requirements for handling probiotics so they stay viable as long as possible. Click here to read the white paper 

A Sweet Delivery System

wooden scoop holding cocoa next to squares of dark chocolate

CLIENT: Deerland Enzymes GOAL: To show how dark chocolate & DE111 work well together. Dark chocolate is a prebiotic, which is beneficial for probiotic absorption.  Click here to read the white paper

Get Straight A’s in Life

Three high school students, 1 boy and 2 girls, in hoodies smiling and talking to each other

CLIENT: School of Life Foundation GOAL: Get people involved in this nonprofit. Click here to read the full white paper

Tap into Consumer Desires

Kombucha represented with this photo of 6 pop-top bottles holding different colored liquids

CLIENT: Deerland Probiotics GOAL: Show how adding DE111 will benefit the kombucha industry. Click here to read the full white paper .

Life without the Internet

Graphic of Cord with plug facing an outlet depicted as the face of a human to "plug in" to the internet

CLIENT: Corp M&A GOAL: Generate interest in purchasing this company Click here to read the full visual white paper. 

On Demand Nursing

On-Demand nursing depicted by a graphic of a hand selecting a nurse on a tablet

CLIENT: CorpM&A GOAL: Generate Interest in purchasing this unique healthcare solution. Click here to read the visual whitepaper

Heat Up Your Business

Photo, shot from above, of 6 different types of tea. In each cup is a different accent including daisies, mint leaf, roses, and lemon slice

CLIENT: Deerland Probiotics GOAL: Increase business in the hot drink sector Click here to read the white paper