Your customers want a happy ending

And a happy ending starts with you –  and understanding how your audience perceives you and your company.

Looking at business through the eyes of your audience gives you empathy. This lets you create products, policies, and procedures to help your customers achieve their goals – which is the definition of great UX.

Check out the services below. They’re packaged so you get the most bang for your buck in achieving different goals.

And if you have a specific project that doesn’t fit in a package, contact me

Prospective clients get a free 30 minute consultation to make sure we click.

I also start most projects with a brief UX Website Review.

This gives me insights into you and your customers. I’ll send you the short review with a few ideas to make your site more user-friendly.

Normally this review costs $250, but it’s FREE if you purchase a package below. 

The Friends Package

A critical first step to a great customer experience is welcoming new customers and staying in touch with existing ones.

The Friends Package does this with a well thought-out, relevant newsletter.

graphic of two young women and three young men depicting "Friends"

Additional Services You Might Want:


Besides the free 30-minute consultation and UX Website Review, The Friends Package includes:

TIME FRAME: 4 weeks

COST: Starting at $450

The Office Package

When customers get ready to buy, they want purchasing to be easy.

The Office Package gives your site the shopping experience your customers expect. 

Along with the 30-minute phone call and UX Website Review,     THE OFFICE PACKAGE INCLUDES:

TIME FRAME: 4 weeks

COST: Starting at $900

Additional services you might need:

The Community Package

Customers become raving fans when they feel understood and part of a  Community

The Community Package sets you up to retain customers and find better prospects because it gives you insight into why people buy from you.

It also makes sure your shopping experience is easy.

Additional services you might need:


A 30 minute phone call and UX Website Review as well as everything in the Office Package: 

TIME FRAME: 6 weeks – 4 months

COST: Starting at $3,500