Your customers want a happy ending

And a Happy Ending begins with a Website UX Review.

I do this whenever I start working with a new client. It gives me insights into you and your customers. . . So you both get the things you want.

Normally this review costs $250, but it’s FREE if you purchase a package below.

Need a white paper or case study?  Click here to go to the bottom of the page.

And the Website UX Review is also included with those services, if desired.  

Photo of women leaning out of a car window using binoculars to "spy" and discover what's going on

Additional Items can include:

The Cheers Package

A critical first step to a great customer experience is welcoming new customers and staying in touch with existing ones.

The Cheers Package does this with a well thought-out, relevant newsletter.

If you don’t already have a newsletter, you might find it intimidating to create one. So let me do it for you!

The Cheers Package includes:

The numbers $400

The Friends Package

When customers get ready to buy, they want purchasing to be easy.

The Friends Package does this by creating a friendly shopping experience.

It includes:

The numbers $900
Two young men and three young women casually dressed posing for a photo as friends

Additional Items can include:

Additional Items can include:

The Office Package

You want to provide support during — and after — purchases. So it makes sense to have easy ways for customers to find answers to their questions.

The Office Package is everything in The Friends Package plus more.

It includes:

The numbers $2,200

The Sherlock Package

It takes an outside perspective to discover your blind spots.

The Sherlock Package does  this.

It looks at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (aka SWOT analysis).

It comes with recommendations to embrace your customers and reward them so they will purchase again and again.

The Sherlock Package includes:

The numbers $3,200
smiling woman giving a wrapped gift to another women which delights her

Additional Items can include:

White Paper Writing

White papers well researched documents usually 5-12 pages long.

They’re used to sell high-end or complex business solutions. 

They are full of facts, studies, statistics, and often quotes from Subject Matter Experts.

White Paper Writing Includes:

Additional Items can include:

Case Study Creation

Video Case Study of a man in front of phone making a video to endorse a product

case study is  a  testimonial with a purpose. That purpose is to help a prospect see herself using your product/service.

This might seem simple, but it’s not. It can be incredibly difficult to get a good case study without using an outside writer.

Case Study Creation Includes:

Additional Items can include: