Your customers want a happy ending

Are you showing them how to feel your love?

Before you can show readers how much you care, you've got to get their atttention

You need content that rises to the top:

  • To the top of the approval process with white papers.
  • To the top of the sales funnel with case studies.
  • To the top of the search engines with SEO blog posts.

Scroll down to see the types of content that helps you get more sales:

Writing white papers requires research, organization, writing skill, and an ability to make difficult concepts easy-to-understand. 

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Writing case studies calls for a writer who is good at asking questions and listening, as well as competent at understanding ROI.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO content is a bit different from regular content.  

SEO content requires keyword research, solid writing, and an understanding of searcher psychology. 

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Questions People Ask Before
Working with Me:

You can expect the same thing I expect: Professionalism.

This means I have a passion for writing. I am attentive to details and meet deadlines. I care about our clients, their projects, and their goals. I also stand behind my work 100%. I want you to be happy and satisfied.

Yes. I’ve worked with many companies outside of the natural health industry and would enjoy talking with you about your project. Contact me to get help you on your next project.

Content is material that informs. Content is blogs, articles, and email autoresponders. It’s also more than just writing – it includes graphics and podcasts as well.

Copywriting is short for direct-response copywriting. As the term implies, it is writing to get a response. In other words, copywriting prompts the reader to take a specific action. It’s a persuasive sales technique. Copywriting is sales pages, cold-calling scripts, ads, etc.

Content Marketing combines the two. It’s content that contains a call to action (click here, sign up for our updates, etc.). Those “actions” eventually end up on a sales page, or by giving a telephone number/email so your sales team can make a sale.

Usually both are appropriate for the work I do. Contact me we’ll spend a few minutes learning about the particulars of your project and your timeline. Together, we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Then I’ll email you a proposal.  If we agree on the details, you just sign the agreement.

A deposit is commonly required (usually 30-50% in advance of starting the project).

Consulting with clients is part of what I do. I can’t really write without knowing about your marketing goals.

I want you to be successful – and I’ll give you my best advice to make that happen.

Yes I do. I frequently partner with others so complete projects.

Contact me and usually I can take a project from initial idea to completion.

I do indeed write more than the three services listed above.

I’ve crated newsletters, drip email sales sequences, web pages, magazine articles, and other things.

If you need something written that’s not listed, give me a call. If I don’t write what you need, I probably know someone who does. And I’ll give you a referral!