So why hire me?

Hello there!

I’m Julie. There are a lot of freelance writers out there. What makes me different?

I speak your customer’s language – whatever it is.

You might think you need a writer in your specific industry. However, what you truly need is a writer who quickly grasps why your solution is the best. 

A writer who simplifies complexity.

Like I did writing about a probiotic for a client. It had “heat resist, dormant spores.”  I called it ”a probiotic with a hard shell.”

My client’s prospects (who sell functional foods) immediately understood a probiotic with a hard shell makes formulation easier.

I love to tell stories.

Stories about your company culture. Stories about your wonderful product.  And stories about your customers.

I ask questions to discover the real value customers see in your solution.

I resolve your challenges

I take projects off your to-do list and put them on mine. From start to finish, I manage your projects and get them to you on time and to your specifications.

My curiosity impels me to explore different scenarios. This helps me more clearly see the nuances of your marketing.



Connect with me:

Because at the end of the day, it’s not really about me —

–It’s about you and your marketing needs.


Me with Jones Bones, near Snow Canyon State Park

A bit more about me – 

I started an online business in 2005 as a virtual assistant/bookkeeper.

I became a freelance writer in 2012.  

I dig research so writing white papers is a perfect fit. And I’m intensely curious, which makes creating case studies a blast.

I’m fascinated with complex processes, discovering how things work, and what keeps us healthy.

I also love learning – which means I can’t stay with just one niche, or only write one type of content. My curiosity impels me to discover and write about loads of topics. 

Things like sales trainingeducation, and emergency preparedness

Check out my portfolio for a few examples of my work.

When I’m not writing, I’m hiking. I live in Southern Utah and the landscape is always changing and fantastically beautiful.

That’s enough about me