Hi, I'm Julie

And it's not really about me -it's about YOU.

And getting your next project completed

There are a lot of freelance writers out there. Why use me?

  • Experience. I’ve been writing persuasive content for 8 years.
  • Process. I have a method to show the benefits of your products.
  • Flexibility. As a freelancer, I work with your time frame on your goals.
  • Deadline-Driven. I do everything in my power to meet it.
  • Curiosity. This makes me good at research, which is the basis for interesting writing.
  • But most of all, you get Health & Wellness Writing Expertise.

Solving the Puzzle of Attention

There are many copywriters who specialize in white papers, or case studies.

There are many content writers who create SEO-optimized blog posts.

However, there aren’t many freelance writers who understand

  • direct-response copywriting,
  • SEO content marketing, AND
  • know the health & wellness industry.

I know what you can and cannot say in the health & wellness industry. I stay current with this changing marketplace. (I should say I try to stay current. Sometimes things change 2020 fast!)

I’ve been writing for 8 years. That might not seem like a long time, but I’ve had an online business since 2006. And lots of things have changed in that time.

A bit more about me

I started an online business (in about 2005) as a virtual assistant/bookkeeper. In about 2009, when my clients had difficulty paying their bills, I helped them with their marketing.

I realized I liked writing content more than keeping books, and began to switch my business by taking marketing courses.

I became a full-time freelance writer in 2012. I specialize in content for the health & wellness industry –  specifically white papers, case studies, and SEO blog post writing for contract manufacturers and vitamin retailers. 

With a degree in business administration from Brigham Young University, I’ve worked for several companies in Quality Assurance and Human Resource.

I’m the proud mom of several wildly successful children. (Who of course live in Lake Wobegone.)

But most of all I never quit learning. I take a course almost every year to improve my writing. Or gain a better understanding of marketing. Or increase my SEO knowledge.

Two of those training courses are from AWAI in copywriting and SmartBlogger in SEO content writing.

I live in southern Utah with my husband, who’s a rancher. In fact, one of the reasons I became in fascinated with health writing is seeing how important vitamins and minerals are for our horses and cattle.

(This is my lovely daughter giving a calf a shot.)

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