Why I'm Different

Hello there!

I’m Julie. I’ve been a content marketing consultant and copywriter for the past decade. 

And I’m going to let you in on a little secret. . . 

        . . . the same strategies used to get new customers can be applied (with just a few tweaks) to keep existing customers happy!

That’s why my focus is on Customer Retention.

I’ve taken my ten years of experience, combined with a new appreciation for User Experience (UX), to significantly help companies improve their bottom line.

Let me help you increase your bottom line by reducing your churn rate.

What makes me different from other content strategists?

I speak your customer’s language – whatever it is.

You might think you need someone with experience in your specific industry. However, what you truly need is a consultant who quickly grasps why your solution is the best. 

Who simplifies complexity.

Like I did researching and writing for a client who wanted to break into a new market.

They had a probiotic which had “heat resist, dormant spores.”  I called it ”a probiotic with a hard shell.”

That phrase made it plain that this company’s probiotic was not delicate, and working with it would be easier than with other probiotics.

I love to tell stories.

Stories about your company culture. Stories about your wonderful product.  And stories about your customers.

I ask questions to discover the real value customers see in your solution.

I resolve your challenges

I take those never-quite-get-to projects off your to-do list and get them done.  So you see increased income without spending significantly more time creating it.

My curiosity impels me to explore different scenarios. This helps me more clearly see the nuances of your marketing.


Because at the end of the day, it’s not really about me —

–It’s about you and your marketing needs.