A formula is important for developing health supplements and for creating white papers

What is a White Paper Plan?

You don’t create health supplements by just throwing things together. But that’s how a lot of companies create white papers. (And that’s why a lot of white papers never see the light of day.)

You know life goes a lot smoother with a plan. That’s why every time I write a white paper, I first create a plan.

A white paper plan does 3 things:

  1. It gives focus and structure to your paper.
  2. It shows where the document fits into your sales cycles.
  3. It gets buy-in from stakeholders.

Without a plan, you often start writing and something goes awry. With a plan, you’ve settled all three of the above things before you write. This greatly increases your chance of a successfully-written paper.

A white paper plan is a strategic document.

This plan is several pages long and it spells out the details for creating your white paper.

It keeps you on track – which is super important. A white paper typically takes 6-8 weeks to complete. And the actual writing takes the least amount of time.

There’s deciding on an audience, developing an idea, and working with other people who have a vested interest in the white paper.

A white paper plan is a formula that includes:

  • Your business goals
  • Your target audience(s)
  • Your topic
  • How your paper will fit into your sales cycle
  • Suggested keywords
  • List of all Reviewers
  • Available Research
  • Further research needed (and likely sources)
  • Who is responsible for design and graphics
  • Your desired timelines
  • Your budget
  • Several title suggestions
  • call to action at the end
  • A high level overview of the content

A white paper plan gives you peace of mind.

Discussing everything in advance—and getting a general agreement from everyone involved —creates a successful formula for your white paper.

It lets you breathe a sigh of relief when writing a white paper because you’ve got structure and buy-in already in place.

You might not realize it, but the most successful white papers always start with a plan.

Get your formula for success

You can create a white paper plan by yourself.

However, this takes time away from other priorities.

Or you can hire me to create one.

As you can see, this plan is not just a short paragraph. It is a multi-page document that forms the underlying structure of your white paper. This takes time and agreement to discover.

If you hire me, I’ll take the lead in gathering everything such as research, information, and people. I’ll get the plan written – usually within a week – and email you the completed document.

When you consider all the benefits, the cost is well worth having me draft a plan.

Especially because I always begin white papers with a plan.

Which means, if you hire me to write the entire white paper, I’ll take the cost of the written plan off my fee! The cost to create your white paper plan is only $500.

Consider the benefits:

  • Your white paper will no longer be a fuzzy idea. Instead, you’ll have a clear direction.
  • All the stakeholders will have given their support.
  • You’ll know where this document fits into your sales cycle.
  • Your paper will be created according to best practices.
  • Your white paper will generate better leads.


If you work with me, I’ll give you a firm quote to write the paper. And – if wanted – I can include a quote from my favorite graphic designer, Jennifer, for formatting, graphics, and/or printing as well.

With your plan, you can hire me. Or you can hire another marketing firm. Or you can create your white paper in-house. The choice is yours.

Any way you choose, you’ll find the entire process easier because you’ve got a white paper formula in place.

Give me a call and get your next white paper done.


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